Likes to gamble, hmmm can you bet on the Olympics? Yup.

Is now an Ambassador of the Youth Olympic Games.


Pictures all over the news here in Vancouver show mailboxes thrown through windows at the busiest intersection in the city.

This recent article tells you why those newspaper boxes should have never been there and how this “news story of the day” is an pathetic attempt to smear all people who do not support these Olympics.

The question then has to be, what were those newspaper boxes doing on the street anyways?

"Profiting off the fear"

Alda Pharmaceuticals is a 2010 Official Sponsor. There has been an undisclosed financial transaction between the two parties. Alda Pharmaceuticals is a penny-stock scam company run out of Vancouver, the home of penny-stock scams.

The Swine Flu has been called a fraud and hoax since the start. France agrees.

Insiders at Alda Pharamaceuticals sold stock during the major fear campaign in the fall of 2009.

Alda Pharmaceuticals

Over the past decade the world has been publicly robbed by bankers  from Greece to England, to the USA and Canada. These same bankers are now robbing Canadians again using the 2010 Winter Olympics as cover. We have to see this as an opportunity to stop the ongoing financial slaughter of sovereign nations with debt.

Daniel Mudd CEO of Fortress Investment Group is demanding a $100 million or more payment from Canadians for using Whistler Resort for the Olympics.  Fortress Investment Group is a hedge fund that took a bet with Goldman Sachs buying Whistler in 2006 with leveraged debt and are now being foreclosed on.

The Olympics are already a massive disaster, with a security budget 9 times its original cost,  and with the total estimated cost of the Olympics going from $1.5 Billion to $6 Billion in just 3 years. These huge amounts of debt will bring massive interest charges to be paid directly to the banksters who have already taken Vancouver for $1 billion. Between 2007-2008 Fortress paid out more than $450,000,000 in dividends to shareholders.

The agreement between our Olympic officials(Vanoc) and Fortress has been kept in secrecy. What we do know is that Fortress missed a $524 Million dollar debt payment and the CEO we are negotiating with was at the very center of the biggest fraud in world history. The rout is on and Canada is the bankers target. Help us stand up to this most powerful force.

A Global Boycott of the 2010 Winter Olympics is a chance for the World to stand up to the bankers who will continue to rob wage-earners until there is no money left.

Who is involved in this heist?

Daniel Mudd– 2000-2008 CEO/President/COO of Fannie Mae, at the heart of the US Housing Mortgage Meltdown, former consultant to the World Bank

Goldman Sachs- Led the deal that made Fortress the owner of Whistler, Wall Street firm that has destroyed America

Bailed out bankers and corporations (GE and GM official sponsors) are partying on your tax dollars while Haiti and many other places around the world including Vancouver have people in great despair. Resist it.

Join us in our Boycott of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

A global response will prompt a new boom in activities related to dismantling the corporate fascist state we now face as a global community.

Follow the money.

Recently Canadians were reminded of a concealed contract in place between Fortress Investment Group and VANOC(Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee). This contract was signed but details were never released to the taxpayers who are paying for the 2010 Winter Olympics starting Friday February 12th.

After an article in the New York Post stated the contract could cost us taxpayers as much as $90 million USD for “allowing” parts of the Olympic Games to happen at Whistler Village.

So who is demanding this payment from the taxpayers of BC and Canada?

Daniel Mudd is the CEO at Fortress. Who is Daniel Mudd?

February 2000-2005- Named Director and Vice-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at Fannie Mae

2005-2008- President and CEO of Fannie Mae

Make no mistake about it Daniel Mudd is at the very center of the record-breaking US housing market fraud and ensuing bailouts. He is a con-man, full stop.

Why again are we making payouts to con-men like Daniel Mudd?

A short list of Daniel Mudd highlights:

Supenoea for fraud

Mudd told the board that Fannie Mae had run its subprime portfolio through a stress test to determine the losses in a hypothetical scenario that involved a two-percentage-pointrise in interest rates and two years of 5 percent declines in home prices. The resulting prediction: “zero credit losses net of earnings.”

Essays written

FBI Investigating Fraud