Daniel Mudd is robbing Canada via the 2010 Olympics

Recently Canadians were reminded of a concealed contract in place between Fortress Investment Group and VANOC(Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee). This contract was signed but details were never released to the taxpayers who are paying for the 2010 Winter Olympics starting Friday February 12th.

After an article in the New York Post stated the contract could cost us taxpayers as much as $90 million USD for “allowing” parts of the Olympic Games to happen at Whistler Village.

So who is demanding this payment from the taxpayers of BC and Canada?

Daniel Mudd is the CEO at Fortress. Who is Daniel Mudd?

February 2000-2005- Named Director and Vice-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at Fannie Mae

2005-2008- President and CEO of Fannie Mae

Make no mistake about it Daniel Mudd is at the very center of the record-breaking US housing market fraud and ensuing bailouts. He is a con-man, full stop.

Why again are we making payouts to con-men like Daniel Mudd?

A short list of Daniel Mudd highlights:

Supenoea for fraud


Mudd told the board that Fannie Mae had run its subprime portfolio through a stress test to determine the losses in a hypothetical scenario that involved a two-percentage-pointrise in interest rates and two years of 5 percent declines in home prices. The resulting prediction: “zero credit losses net of earnings.”


Essays written


FBI Investigating Fraud





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